Tan Expectations

Before and After Your Tan

Before Your Tan

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate before an airbrush tan! Streaking and uneven results are very likely if you have any sort of lotion, deodorant or product on your skin. try shaving the night before, this allows your follicles time to close but if in the case your limited on time, don't worry. It's not going to be the worst thing, just don't shave for two days following your appointment. 
  • It is always a good idea to wear loose dark clothing to your tanning appointment. While most self tanners on the market today do not stain, we still like to be safe. We do not recommend wearing tight jeans that will cling to freshly tanned legs or waist lines.
  • Try to take all makeup off before you come to your appointment. Makeup creates a barrier between your skin and the tan not to mention you don't want to get wet after your tan is processing, please let us know ahead of time if you are coming in with makeup on so we can provide you with makeup remover. 
  • Best time to tan, in our opinion is evenings. This way your tan is kept from getting wet. If in the case you do get wet just take a dry cloth or towel and gently blot the area. What you're seeing is the bronzer moving and believe it or not, your tan will come out even.  
  • WEDDINGS or EVENTS. We typically suggest all "event tans" be done at least two days before the event. We think the second day after your appointment the color really starts to settle and looks AMAZING! And NO, this has yet to be shown to rub off on any clothing once you've showered. 
  • What to wear - Dark lose clothing. anything that can keep you covered, comfortable and DRY! The bronzer can transfer onto anything ONLY while its processing but does wash out. Use a tiny bleach if needed on whites. Never had a complaint of staining. 

After Tanning Instructions

  • Stay dry for the next 6 to 8 hours if not more. Don't go to the gym, get any service done that requires water like hair, nails, or spa services! Your tan will come out blotchy and uneven.  
  • Shower 6 to 8 hours after your appointment. The longer you leave it on the darker you get. Sleeping in it is still suggested and keep in mind this solution is new and amazing so the smell your used to with previous tanning products is NOT what you will get with our perfect solution. Take every precaution to avoid touching yourself. The bronzer can and will transfer while its processing, you do not want to realize you have tanned hands when it's too late. If this does happen shoot us a text and we can tell you the best way to get it off!
  • When showering you will see brown coming off which is ONLY your bronzer NOT your tan. Take your hand and gently rub in all areas to help the process. Use a very gentle soap and wash cloth but NOT a scrub brush or anything abrasive that could fade your tan. Avoid anything with alcohol (fragrance) this will shorten your tan's life. 
  • Don't sit in any jacuzzi, pools or baths for as long as you need your tan. This eats away at the color! 
  • For those who workout or wear tight fitting clothing, don't forget to use a lotion regularly being generous in the areas that might have more friction on the skin. Your tan might get rubbed off if those areas if you ignore this. 
  • HYDRATE! yes always drink water but hydrate your skin everyday. This will give your skin a nice even fade once your tan starts to lighten up. Try to avoid lotions with heavy fragrances and purchase, if you don't already have, Jergens Glow. This gradual self tanning lotion will give your new skin a fresh color while your current tan is fading out making it a natural fade. 
  • This solution last DAYS longer than anything else on the market or in a franchised tanning salon. Keep these steps in mind while planning your next airbrush tanning session. 

*Your face is typically the first to fade considering we wash this with skin care products. DO not be alarmed if you have a lighter face than your body. Add a bronzer and call it a day! 
* Sunscreen! We're sure you've heard it a million times, but having a airbrushed tan is not real so keep in mind you can get burned. Applying a sunscreen to your face can start to change so many imperfections to your skin. You'd be surprised how easy and quick it is to add to your morning regimen. If you need any suggestions or to purchase please ask!!!!!! 

Check out social media sources for REAL tanning images.

You'll become addicted to this color!