(Cincinnati Location)

Mailette has been in the skincare industry for over 12 years. She has her BA in sociology and a MBA with an emphasis in finance. She always knew she wanted to own her own business one day, but she wanted it to be something she was passionate about.  Ask anyone that knows her and they will tell you how much she loves this industry.

Mailette started Love Sugaring SD because she wanted to share her love and knowledge of skincare. She fell in love with the art of sugaring because it's an all-natural, less painful hair removal technique. She truly believes in the superiority of sugaring. Her long-term goal is to bring sugaring to the masses. She also wants to educate other skin care professionals about sugar hair removal.

What sets Love Sugaring SD apart from other spas? It's the relationships Mailette forms with her clients.  Love Sugaring SD isn't just service driven, it's people driven. Her daily goal is to make an uncomfortable situation comfortable.


(San Diego Location)

Janee has been an Esthetician for 16 years with a focus in Medical Esthetics.  Her love and passion for skincare has driven her to continue her education and dedication to become one of the best in her field.  Janee has worked with the most prestigious Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in La Jolla extending her knowledge of the medical side of skin. This valuable knowledge and experience is used in all of her treatments at Love Sugaring Hair Removal.

Janee is best known for the genuine care and love she has for her clients. This is apparent in her above and beyond service and her natural instinct to treat each client like family. Her motto is "Your goals are my goals". She sees each treatment as an opportunity to educate and aid her clients in achieving their skin goals.

When she isn't working you can find Janee at the park or on a field with her 3 boys.  Janee is a girly tomboy with the best of both worlds, being the girly-girl at work then watching and playing sports with her true loves at home! She attributes her love of people and strong work ethic to her huge family who is the center of her world.


(San Diego Location)

Violeta’s career in the beauty industry began with an eye for beauty and a love for make-up. A her passion for make-up grew, she quickly learned that proper skincare went hand-in-hand with make-up. This led her to pursue a career in esthetics. While she attended school to receive her license, she also became certified in fashion make-up, permanent make-up, microblading, lash extensions, and sugaring.

Violeta’s interest in sugaring began after a treatment she received. Seeing the results of smooth skin and less hair growth, she instantly fell in love with this method of hair removal. After countless hours of research and learning of all the natural ingredients and benefits of sugaring, Violeta knew that this would be the method of hair removal she wanted to incorporate into her practice.

Violeta has a profound care for all of her clients and believes in giving her clients the best products and services possible. She truly enjoys her role in the beauty industry and hopes to continue to grow and advance her knowledge in order to help build confidence in both men and women. Her calm and gentle demeanor as well as her keen eye are an asset to her work. She finds fulfillment in connecting with her clients, establishing trust, and giving the utmost personal attention to her clients’ specific needs. Violeta believes in customer satisfaction and lives by “If the client is happy, I’m happy”.


(Cincinnati Location)

Katherine, who also goes by Kat, started as an esthetician nearly ten years ago. Post graduation she has been determined to expand and grow within the industry. After completing her esthetician training in 2009, she became one of LA’s premier speed waxers and eyebrow designers in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. After nearly 7 years as an esthetician in Los Angeles, She moved to Seattle, where she learned and developed a passion for the art of sugaring. She has since relocated to the Ohio area and she couldn’t be more excited to share her knowledge and expertise of skincare and sugaring with Cincinnati. Initially, skincare was the reason Katherine became an esthetician, however, sugaring is one of the reasons she continues. As painful as hair removal can be, she believes sugaring to be the least painful and most superior way to remove unwanted hair.

Katherine strives to help her clients look and feel their best. Treatments with her aren’t a one size fits all type deal. She enjoys creating the space for her clients to come in and unwind. When she isn’t in the studio, Katherine loves walking and playing with, Maxwell, her 7 year old Pug-Yorkie, and heading to yoga classes.


(La Puente Location)

Lindsay’s passion for skin care developed into a career when she completed Esthetics school in 2014 from Aveda Fredric’s Institute. Lindsay’s skill and attention to detail shine through every treatment she performs, establishing trust with personal attention to her clients' needs and requests, helping them to achieve their ultimate skin care goals. Sugaring has become a passion for Lindsay because of the many benefits it has. It is 100% natural, suitable for all skin types and far less painful than wax making it the best form of hair removal.

Lindsay believes what sets her apart from others in her profession is she is very precise and meticulous about what she does. She really takes the time to make certain the client feels comfortable and satisfied every time and that they leave feeling more beautiful and more relaxed than when they arrived.