Our Mission

Believing in the benefits of traditional sugaring  hair removal, we dedicate ourselves to changing the experience, making an uncomfortable hair removal services comfortable.  We educate each of our clients about our superior service, thus focusing on results.  Our client retention is overwhelming appreciated which drives us to expansion.

Our Story

Being in the beauty industry for over a decade Love Sugaring was created by Mailette who has mastered the form of hair removal using sugar paste. This niche product is not common because of its difficult technique leaving more estheticians sticking to the easy way of waxing. 

An over flow of clients had left Mailette with not enough man power to accommodate her rapidly growing business. In 2014 Mailette added two more sugaring queens to the studio now leaving Love Sugaring with more available appointments to accommodate everyone. 

Sugaring is a all organic product that is less pain, less irritation, faster service and better results than waxing. Sugar is applied by hand and flicked off with special technique taking out all hair by the follicle, not attaching itself to any skin or living cells. The typical precautions taken after waxing is not needed in sugaring. Hair in most cases does not need to be as long as it does in waxing and does not grow into ingrowns since the hair is removed with the growth of the hair not against like waxing does. 

Sugaring along with custom facials, peels and sunless tanning is also available for appointments.